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Lessons from the gridiron: the impact of concussions

Lesson Plan

This lesson is intended to be used with the PBS FRONTLINE documentary “League of Denial” and supports student learning by contextualizing the concussion crisis in the NFL with background on concussions in youth. Continue reading


The Olympics: Body and Mind

Lesson Plan

By Katie Gould, PBS NewsHour Extra Teacher Resource Producer Introduction Use this dual science lesson plan to learn about the Olympics through the lens of…read more


Neuroscience Basics through Puzzles and Dance

Lesson Plan

This lesson plan celebrates the recent Nobel Prize for Medicine award winners for their work on how cells move molecular “cargo”. Students will be introduced to the…read more


World Food Day: Teaching the Power of School Meals

Lesson Plan

By World Food Programme Subjects Health, International Affairs, Current Events Estimated time One class period Grade level Grades 7-10 Objective This lesson plan will address…read more

Lesson Plan: Mental Health and Disasters: How Your Body Reacts During and After a Tragedy

Mental Health and Disasters: How Your Body Reacts During and After a Tragedy

Lesson Plan

By Shannon Sullivan, Arlington, Va. Subject Health Estimated Time Two class periods of 45 minutes each, depending on class size, including one evening of homework…read more


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