All eyes on Pluto for historic flyby


After nine and a half years and three billion miles of travel, NASA’s New Horizons space probe finally accomplished its mission, zipping past Pluto and its three moons to snap photos and gather data. Continue reading

NASANew Horizonsplutospace

India succeeds in sending spacecraft to Mars


India succeeded this week in sending a spacecraft to Mars, a move that some Indians are celebrating as a step forward for science while others are critical of its price tag. Continue reading

English & Language ArtsIndiaNASAspaceSTEMTechnology

Mystery holes in Siberia raise climate change concerns


A new side effect of climate change has appeared in Siberia, where mysterious, giant holes the size of football fields have opened in the ground. Continue reading

climateclimate changeEnglish & Language ArtsenvironmentGeographyGeologyNASARussiaScienceSTEM

NASA Aims to Return Humans to Moon


The launch of two satellites bound for the moon last week marked the beginning of NASA’s new plan for human spaceflight. The spacecraft will look…read more

astronautsGovernment & CivicsMarsmoonNASAsatellitesSciencespacespacecraft

NASA Sends Hubble Repair Shuttle into Space


NASA launched the Atlantis shuttle and its six-member crew into space on Monday to repair the 19-year-old Hubble Space Telescope for the last time. The…read more

HubbleHubble TelescopeNASAScienceshuttlespacestartelescope

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