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Police response to Texas pool party prompts outrage


Video of an altercation between a white police officer and black teenagers outside a pool in a Dallas suburb gained national attention due to the officer’s behavior. Continue reading

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“Change is coming to Baltimore”: youth debate the legacy of Freddie Gray

Student Voice

Some feel that our city was misrepresented by the media, and some feel that the riots are the only way Baltimore’s distress can be heard. The issues are still there, connecting and restricting us like an invisible thread. Continue reading

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Curfew lifted, Baltimore residents move forward


Life in Baltimore is returning to normal after weeks of protest that followed the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in police custody. Continue reading

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Protesters March Over Death Of Freddie Gray

Distrust of police was rampant in Freddie Gray’s Baltimore neighborhood


Baltimore police commissioner Anthony Bratts acknowledged that the city’s police force had failed to form a strong relationship with the community. Continue reading

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Baltimore protests after Freddie Gray dies in police custody


The death of a man in Baltimore who was in police custody has sparked a series of protests, violence and calls for change to the Baltimore Police Department. Continue reading

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