Veteran Moderator Reflects on Past Debates


With November’s election fast approaching, people across the country are sitting down to watch the one Vice-Presidential and three Presidential debates. The Presidential debates are…read more

Oil Boom Challenges North Dakota Schools


While the rest of the country may still be stuck in tough economic times, Williston, N.D. is experiencing a period of rapid growth. An oil…read more

Candidates Vying for the Youth Vote in 2012


Teachers, use the first 6:08 of this video for a classroom activity. With election day only forty days away, President Obama and Governor Romney are…read more

Schools Confront the Danger of Hazing


Hazing has long been a part of the college experience, with campus fraternities, sororities and other student groups putting new members through disgusting and sometimes…read more

Teachers Strike Ends in Chicago


Teachers, use the first 3 minutes of this video for a classroom activity. School was finally back in session in Chicago on Wednesday after the…read more

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