Charlotte Prepares for the DNC


With the conclusion of the Republican National Convention last week, the spotlight now turns to the Democrats to show the country why President Obama should…read more

Asperger’s No Barrier for Kid Reporters


Getting up in front of a live television camera is difficult and scary for many people, which is what makes the reporters at Worrall Elementary…read more

U.S. Mourns First Man on Moon


Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, recently passed away at the age of 82. While he garnered an iconic status for…read more

Armstrong Done With Doping Fight


Lance Armstrong became a legend in the competitive cycling world when he overcame cancer to ride for seven straight Tour de France titles; more than…read more

Whooping Cough Epidemic Targets Youth, Infants


While everyone has experienced coughing as a part of seasonal illnesses and allergies, whooping cough is an entirely different matter. This disease is marked by…read more

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