Fall off a fiscal cliff, or navigate a fiscal slope? – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Shannon Sullivan Subjects Economics, Mathematics, Language Arts Estimated Time Two Class Periods Plus Homework Grade Level Grades 9-12 Objective Students will: Review vocabulary related to…read more

Modern Political Campaigns Mean Personalization


It is almost impossible to turn on your television or computer these days without being buried under a pile of political campaign advertisements, whether they…read more

Presidential Hopefuls Meet in Third Party Debate


President Barack Obama and governor Mitt Romney are not the only ones racing for the Oval office this fall. Moderated by Larry King, four other…read more

Armstrong Wiped from Cycling Record Books


After a scathing U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) report found that professional cyclist Lance Armstrong led what they described as the most sweeping doping effort in…read more

Candidates Spar Over Foreign Policy


At a time when the national debt is at record levels and the economy is still struggling to recover from recession, domestic issues have dominated…read more

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