Recognition for Young Undocumented Immigrants


August 15th marked the first day that young undocumented immigrants could apply for the new deportation waivers that would prevent them from being deported if…read more

Gas Debate Heats Up in Utah’s National Parks


Home to five national parks, several holistic American Indian preservations and a wealth of natural gas resources, Utah has been changed dramatically by the gas…read more

Shooting in Colorado Leaves 12 Dead, 59 Wounded


Warning Teachers: Some images and material in this video may be disturbing A gunman armed with several weapons walked into a movie theater early Friday…read more

Texas District Lures Dropouts with College Credit


Five years ago Pharr San Juan Alamo (PSJA) Independent School District in South Texas was a dropout district. Only around half of all PSJA students…read more

SCOTUS Decision: America’s Youth Speak Out

Student Voice

The Supreme Court ruled today to uphold the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, informally nicknamed “Obamacare”. This court case has drawn the attention…read more

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