Texas District Lures Dropouts with College Credit


Five years ago Pharr San Juan Alamo (PSJA) Independent School District in South Texas was a dropout district. Only around half of all PSJA students…read more


SCOTUS Decision: America’s Youth Speak Out

Student Voice

The Supreme Court ruled today to uphold the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, informally nicknamed “Obamacare”. This court case has drawn the attention…read more

Criminal Charges for Classroom Issues in Texas


In Texas, and some other states around the country, misbehaving in the classroom could get you much more than a lunchtime in detention. After Texas…read more

Pop Warner Football Issues New Safety Rules


Pop Warner Football — the organization that oversees many kids’ tackle football teams across the nation — recently issued new rules, concerned about the health…read more

Melinda Gates on Tackling Education Reform


The dropout problem in American high schools is often referred to as a crisis, and educators say the numbers back that up. On average, three…read more

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