Criminal Charges for Classroom Issues in Texas


In Texas, and some other states around the country, misbehaving in the classroom could get you much more than a lunchtime in detention. After Texas…read more

Pop Warner Football Issues New Safety Rules


Pop Warner Football — the organization that oversees many kids’ tackle football teams across the nation — recently issued new rules, concerned about the health…read more

Melinda Gates on Tackling Education Reform


The dropout problem in American high schools is often referred to as a crisis, and educators say the numbers back that up. On average, three…read more

Gulp! NYC Mayor Aims to Ban Large, Sugary Drinks


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced this week his aim to ban the sale of large, sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues…read more

Student Journalists Spotlight School Violence


To the casual eye, De’Qonton Davis’ neighborhood seems pleasant and sunny. But on closer look, the scars of poverty and a lingering recession become apparent,…read more

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