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Revealing the painful last moments of George Washington


A series of historical documents sheds light on the final moments of George Washington, whose cause of death has been a mystery for hundreds of years. Continue reading


13-year-old’s invention helping the blind to read


Shubham Banerjee’s low-cost Braille printer began with a robotic LEGO kit. Continue reading


During climate summit, protesters damage ancient Peruvian site


An environmental protest aimed at a historic global climate summit in Lima, Peru drew attention for disrupting a Peruvian world heritage site. Continue reading

si-ebolaexplainer copy

The latest on Ebola – Student Resources


Your Mission: To stop the Ebola virus at the heart of the outbreak and from becoming a world-wide pandemic by evaluating the current situation and the…read more


How do hospitals care for Ebola patients?


As Ebola cases have appeared outside West Africa, hospitals are facing the challenge of caring for patients infected by an aggressive virus with no cure. Continue reading

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