Why do some animal parents eat their young?


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Zookeepers at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. recently had to remove a sloth bear cub from its mother after she ate…read more

Should we bring extinct species back to life?


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Though it may sound like “Jurassic Park,” researchers and entrepreneurs are now trying to bring back extinct species. Some scientists believe it’s a…read more

The stories behind 23 STEM superstars


Are you naturally curious about how the world works? Interested in helping people or creating things no one has ever dreamed of? If you answered…read more

Scientists who inspired a generation of STEM professionals


While interviewing inspirational career men and women from STEM fields, NewsHour Extra asked which scientists and engineers they look up to the most. Below is…read more

The Center for Investigative Reporting

Toxic trial: taking responsibility for environmental problems – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Katie Gould, PBS NewsHour Teacher Resource Producer  Introduction This lesson plan and student contest were created to accompany a story from The Center for…read more

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