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Neuroscience basics through puzzles and dance – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

This lesson plan celebrates the recent Nobel Prize for Medicine award winners for their work on how cells move molecular “cargo”. Students will be introduced to the…read more

Two Glaciers in Prince William Sound - April Brown/PBS NewsHour

Climate change as a scientific theory – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Katie Gould, Teacher Resource Producer for PBS NewsHour Extra Subjects Science, Language Arts, Social Issues Estimated Time One 90-minute class period Grade Level Grades…read more

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ice melt

Melting Arctic Ice Changing Inupiat Eskimo Way of Life


Inupiat Eskimos, native to northern Alaska, have built a way of life around subsistence hunting and fishing, a way of life that is now threatened…read more


“Surface of Mars Has Been Mapped Better Than Our Oceans” – Arctic Sea Captain


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Glaciers in the Arctic are now melting at a faster pace than they were only a few years ago, damaging wildlife habitats and…read more


Acidifying Waters Pose Threat to Alaska’s Crab Populations


Crab fishing is one of the most lucrative businesses in Alaska’s frigid waters, but the changing chemistry of the North Pacific could soon cause disruption…read more


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