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60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education resources


May 17, 2014 will mark the 60th anniversary of the monumental Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, which declared the status quo of…read more

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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers

Clippers owner banned from NBA for life for racist statements


DOWNLOAD VIDEO The National Basketball Association (NBA) came down hard on Donald Sterling, the billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, after a recording emerged…read more

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New police surveillance technology raises privacy questions


DOWNLOAD VIDEO In a recent policing experiment, an airplane flew over Compton, California, using a system of cameras to creating a live video image of…read more

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President Obama honors 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act


DOWNLOAD VIDEO At the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas, four presidents and prominent civil rights advocates recently gathered to celebrate the 50th…read more

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Pakistani youth ambassadors are “inspiration to all who feel helpless”

Student Voice

Keegan and Elisa from the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab at John F. Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Md., recently interviewed Khainat and Shazia,…read more

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