Olympics spur protests against Russia’s anti-gay law


In response to international protests against a controversial Russian gay propaganda law, the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) rebuked world leaders who have shunned the games for political reasons. Continue reading

With smart gadgets everywhere, tech companies face new privacy questions


With smart gadgets becoming a ubiquitous part of everyday life – embedded in cars, watches, glasses refrigerators and even thermostats – many fear the ways that private companies could misuse private customer data. Continue reading

Veterans Day: Military Kids from Bahrain Share Their Experiences


On Veterans Day, Americans celebrate the men and women in uniform who work every day to keep the country safe. But while military personnel make…read more

Detroit Residents Take On Challenge of Reinvigorating Their City


Residents of Detroit are hoping to reinvigorate their communities after the city’s bankruptcy filing earlier this year by attracting developers to rehab blighted buildings, create…read more

New Yorkers Prepare for The Next “Doomsday” Storm


DOWNLOAD VIDEO After superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast last year, cutting off power and transportation for millions of residents, much is being done to…read more

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