New Jersey Considers In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Young undocumented immigrants in the United States face a number of hurdles when trying to attend college. Undocumented students are often not eligible…read more

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What Other Countries Can Teach Us About Good Schools


Despite increases in education spending and a decade of school reform, students in the United States still lag behind their peers in many other countries…read more

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Micro-Apartments Hope to Ease Living Costs for Young City Residents


DOWNLOAD VIDEO In order to create affordable housing options for young people living by themselves, some big cities are loosening housing restrictions to allow for…read more

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Program Helps Low-Income Students Discover A Path to Top Colleges


With rising student debt and soaring college costs that can top $50,000 a year, high-achieving students from low-income households rarely dream of applying to the…read more

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What Should Be The Real Purpose of College?


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Students now go to college expecting their degrees will help them on the way to professional success. However, University of Virginia professor Mark…read more

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