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The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington Lesson Plan: A Time for Change

Lesson Plan

by Katie Gould, Teacher Resource Prodcuer for NewsHour Extra Subjects Civil rights, Government & Civics, history, Social Issues, and social studies Estimated Time One 90 minute…read more

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Keep Marching On

The 50th Anniversary March on Washington Lesson Plan: Racial Equality-How Far Have We Come and How Far do We Still Need to Go?

Lesson Plan

By Katie Gould, Teacher Resource Producer for PBS NewsHour Extra Subjects Civil rights, history, Social Issues, and social studies Estimated Time One 45 minute class…read more

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Jamestown Discovery Reflects Grim Life of Early Settlers


Click to download video Teachers: students may find some of this material disturbing New evidence found at Jamestown, the site of America’s first permanent English…read more

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Can Violent Video Games Cause Violent Behavior?


Click here to download video After the shootings in Newtown, Conn., that killed 20 children and seven adults, the nation sought answers to how to…read more

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Lia w C

Domestic Violence is Also a Teen Problem

Student Voice

Violence in the home can often go unseen and unreported, but it can have a profound effect on those who go through it. While domestic…read more

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