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Heller's Bakery, Washington D.C.

Small Business in America: What’s the #StoryBeyondTheStore? – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

You don’t have to travel far for a history lesson. Every neighborhood is filled with history and small business shop owners who want to share…read more

#StoryBeyondTheStoreEconomicshistoryInstagramPhotographysmall businesssocial mediaSocial Studies

Hosting a Presidential Debate – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Subjects History, U.S. Government, Civics Estimated Time Two class periods Grade Level 9-12 Objective To analyze campaign issues and to practice formal debate procedures and…read more

candidatesDemocratsElection 2016moderatorPresidential DebateprimariesRepublicansSocial Studies

Charleston mayor: “We are still a work in progress in America”


The racially-motivated shooting of nine people at a historically black church in Charleston, SC, has spurred discussion and debate about the state of racism in America. Continue reading

CharlestonraceSocial IssuesSocial Studiessouth carolina

Boston marathon bomber apologizes to victims


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev unexpectedly addressed the courtroom at the formal sentencing to acknowledge his role in the 2013 Boston marathon bombing for the first time. Continue reading

BostonBoston marathon bombingdeath penaltySocial Studiestsarnaev

Flood of war refugees tests Greek hospitality


An influx of Syrian and Afghan refugees is straining Greece’s already-thin resources at a time when the country could face bankruptcy. Continue reading

GreeceimmigrantrefugeeSocial Studies

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