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India succeeds in sending spacecraft to Mars


India succeeded this week in sending a spacecraft to Mars, a move that some Indians are celebrating as a step forward for science while others are critical of its price tag. Continue reading

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The space shuttle Endeavour sits on its launchpad at Cape Canveral, Florida. The shuttle launch has been delayed at least several days due to issues with the shuttle's electrical system.

Space Shuttle Endeavour Will Rocket Into History


The space shuttle Endeavour launched into space for the final time in the second-to-last trip ever for NASA’s shuttle program. The launch was delayed several…read more

Supernova 1987A is the first star explosion ever to be studied from its beginning. By studying it, scientists are learning about the origin of Earth's elements like iron, oxygen and carbon.

Supernova ‘Star Guts’ Give Clues to Galaxy Evolution


Supernova 1987A, the first star explosion to be studied from the beginning, is teaching scientists new lessons about the evolution of galaxies and the formation…read more


Moon Landing: 40 Years Later


40 years after the astronauts of the space shuttle Apollo 11 captured the nation’s imagination with the first moon landing, government officials are questioning whether…read more

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NASA Aims to Return Humans to Moon


The launch of two satellites bound for the moon last week marked the beginning of NASA’s new plan for human spaceflight. The spacecraft will look…read more

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