Kenya builds new recycling hub to capitalize on growing e-waste


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Used electronics, like your old cell phone or computer, are one of the fastest growing sources of waste globally. Two African countries, Nigeria…read more

Malaysian officials say Flight 370 “ended” in southern Indian Ocean


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Officials announced Monday that new data shows that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 almost certainly crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, killing all passengers…read more

Turkish teen talks about circumventing his country’s Twitter block


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Earlier this week, Turkey became the latest nation to try and control what its citizens see and hear online. Prime Minister Erdogan, who…read more

World leaders announce new punishments for Russia


President Barack Obama threatened new possible sanctions Thursday, in an attempt to send a warning sign over Russia’s actions to take the Crimean peninsula away from Ukraine. The sanctions would impose a penalty on any person or company that does business with Russia. Continue reading

Russia moves closer to formally annexing Crimea


DOWNLOAD VIDEO This week a peninsula in eastern Europe’s Black Sea about the size of the state of Massachusetts switched countries, breaking from Ukraine and aligning…read more

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