Heidi’s dilemma – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Tina Yalen, NBCT, Early Adolescence: Social Studies/History Introduction Use this powerful lesson plan to help students authentically understand the ethical challenges faced by non-Jewish…read more

Cold War tensions flare over Russia’s influence in Ukraine


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Tensions over Ukraine and Russia continue to grow. The Ukrainian government is pushing back against pro-Russian demonstrators who seized government buildings and declared…read more

Afghans vote in record numbers despite threat of Taliban violence


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Nearly 60 percent of Afghanistan’s 12 million eligible voters safely headed to the polls amid tight security and fears of Taliban attacks. “That…read more

Boomtowns at center of economic growth in Mexico


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Although most news Americans hear about Mexico concerns drug cartels, violence and illegal immigration, the country’s economic growth is bringing economic stability and…read more

A look inside the city at the center of Syria’s civil war


DOWNLOAD VIDEO The city of Homs was once considered the rebel stronghold in the now three-year-long Syrian civil war, which has left more than 140,000…read more

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