Turkish People “Awakened” by Protests, Say Students

Student Voice

Demonstrations have now spread across Turkey for two straight weeks, with people of all walks of life protesting what they see as an increasingly autocratic…read more

Turkish Police Try to Keep Peace Amid Anti-Government Protests


A small demonstration of residents hoping to save a park from being destroyed has morphed into anti-government clashes between demonstrators and police in cities across…read more

Jordan Struggles to Cope with Influx of Syrian Refugees


Click to download video The ongoing conflict in Syria has forced many families to abandon their homes and flee the country in order to survive.…read more

China Looks to U.S. to Feed It’s Growing Demand for Pork


Click to download video Chinese meat consumption has quadrupled over the past 30 years, making it the largest pork consumer in the world. Now, this…read more

Bangladesh Garment Workers Walk Out on Poor Factory Conditions


Click to download video Nearly a month after a garment factory collapse killed over 1,000 workers in Bangladesh, some workers are now walking off the…read more

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