Friends of the NewsHour

  • Adrienne Arsht
  • Jocelyn Bauer
  • Bedford Falls Foundation, Joanne and Bill Conway
  • Georgette Bennett and Leonard Polonsky
  • Helen and Peter Bing
  • John and Louise Bryson
  • Warren Buffett*
  • Deerbrook Charitable Trust
  • desJardins/Blachman Fund
  • Consuelo Duroc-Danner
  • Otho Eskin and Therese Keane
  • Jon and Mindy Gray
  • Gruber Family Foundation
  • Jerome Jacobson Foundation
  • Jim Lehrer*
  • Robin MacNeil*
  • Howard and Abby Milstein
  • The John and Wendy Neu Foundation*
  • The Prescott Family
  • Frederic C. Rich
  • Jay and Sharon Rockefeller*
  • Dr. Margaret Ruttenberg
  • Roger and Vicki Sant*
  • Tom and Laurie Saylak
  • Clarice Smith
  • George and Camilla Smith
  • Koo and Patricia Yuen
  • Philip Becker
  • Theodore Berk
  • Sean Bleck
  • Patricia and Lalor Burdick
  • Alan Carroll
  • Patrice Davis
  • Krista Deboer
  • Grant Edwards
  • Penelope Edwards-Conrad
  • Ralph Fenn
  • Keiko Flores
  • Toby Forden
  • Friends of Linda Winslow
  • Louise Grunwald
  • Richard and Susan Gualano
  • Hugh Halverstadt
  • Myles Hansen
  • Martha and Scott Harris Fund
  • Lura Hess Bechtel
  • Lee and Paula Hougen
  • Janine Jason
  • Darlene Jeris
  • Todd F. Kagawa
  • Anne and Michael Karfopoulos
  • Mike and Sheila Kurzman
  • Deborah Landesman
  • Christime Leigh
  • Roman Lowzan
  • Betsy Hollingsworth Magowan
  • Nancy McMahon
  • Duane and Teresa McQueen
  • Stephen and Mary Norris
  • Daniel Nudelman
  • Rita Paul
  • Rudy Picardo
  • Lois Pollack
  • Indré and Justin Rockefeller Fund
  • Jerry Rosenthal and Cionna Buckley
  • Alan and Sue Sherbrooke
  • Lindsay Simmons
  • Ken and Terri-Ann Spice
  • David Tillyer
  • Frederik van Bolhuis
  • Carolyn Watson
  • Susan Watson
  • Winters Family Fund
  • Jeffrey Wheeler
  • Henry Wyman
  • Bruce and Andrea Yablon
  • * indicates Founding Member of Friends of the NewsHour

Friends of the NewsHour is a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to helping secure the NewsHour’s future by enabling the best journalism to thrive, grow, and adapt. The NewsHour receives less than half of its annual funding from public sources. The rest must come from individual support, foundations, and corporations. As careful stewards of all funds entrusted to the program, we are grateful for, and rely upon annual contributions from individuals.

Friends of the NewsHour with Judy Woodruff at the New York Salon

Friends of the NewsHour with Judy Woodruff at a New York Salon event

Exclusive Membership Benefits

  • Our most generous donors enjoy on-screen recognition on the weeknight broadcast
  • Invitations to regionally held events featuring important news figures on topical issues and current events
  • Opportunities for behind-the scenes NewsHour discussions
  • Attendance at NewsHour studio productions, WETA screenings and receptions, and other exclusive events
Sharon Percy Rockefeller, President & CEO, WETA, and Dr. Georgette Bennett at the New York Salon

Sharon Percy Rockefeller, President & CEO, WETA, and Dr. Georgette Bennett at a New York Salon event

Leon Panetta and Judy Woodruff with Friends at the San Francisco Salon

Leon Panetta and Judy Woodruff with Friends at a San Francisco Salon event

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