How is the Economy Affecting Your Pocketbook?


Income; file photo

Paul Solman: In the spirit of turnabout being fair play, I’ve got questions for YOU. All of you. They’re for a TV story I’m doing. As an exclusive bonus for zealous Business Desk readers, I’ll publish the results and analysis here first – provided that enough of you show the requisite zeal by responding in the comments section.

Since it won’t take but a minute (or less), you really have no excuse.

Answer the following questions by clicking on the comments field at the bottom of this post, scroll down to where it says “leave a comment” and enter your response.

1. In the next year, I intend to:

A. Borrow less ___
B. Borrow more, but no one will lend to me at an affordable interest rate ___
C. Borrow more, but no one will lend to me at all ___
D. Borrow more, and will ___

2. In the next year, I’m going to:

A. Spend more than last year ___
B. Spend the same ___
C. Spend less by 2% __
D. Spend less by 5% ___
E. Spend less by 10% ___
F. Spend less by 15% ___
G. Spend less by 15%+ ___