Is There Anything Funny About America’s Jobs Problem?


Political cartoon of “Job Creators” by Bob Englehart. Reproduced with permission from Daryl Cagle’s

Editor’s Note: Definitely not. We’ve been reporting on jobs (and the lack of them) quite a bit lately — why technology hasn’t created more jobs, why current openings are going unfilled, how many jobs the President’s American Job Act will actually create, and what job seekers wanted President Obama to say in his jobs speech last week — compared to what they actually heard. We also reported on whether America’s jobless have the “skills” to fill America’s job openings.

And we’ve long reported on the travails of the unemployed, including the so-called 99ers– those that have exhausted the 99-week maximum of unemployment insurance available in some states.

Heavy stuff.

Today we thought we would give you a chance to chuckle — by rounding up some of our favorite unemployment cartoons.

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