Find More of Paul’s Thoughts on Twitter and His New Online Article.


It’s the weekend again and with the NewsHour dark, there’s no chance to answer questions. So I thought I’d post a couple of things that might interest you. I’m in San Francisco for the annual meeting of economists for a story slated to run next week in which the pros answer the question: “Why didn’t you WARN us?”

I have begun posting their insights and bon mots on Twitter @paulsolman, my handle there. Also, if you really need a fix of Deep Thoughts By Me, I’ve just published a piece in a journal few, if any of you, I expect, subscribe to or have even heard of: The Journal of Economic Education.

You can buy a copy of the article at Heldref Publicans or just google “Journal of Economic Education.” As NewsHour viewers (and especially if you’re a teacher), you might find my piece of some interest.

Have an anxiety-free weekend and, for that matter, 2009.