Portrait of B of A’s Ken Lewis, Soon to Be Retired

BY busadmin  October 1, 2009 at 4:24 PM EDT

Editor’s note: You may remember artist Geoffrey Raymond from our Lehman Brothers story last month. Raymond was painting portraits of the wizards of Wall Street even before the market went into a tailspin. After the crash, he started allowing Manhattan passersby leave comments — some might say curses — on the paintings; a little bit of street therapy for an economic world in crisis.

We thought of Raymond and his paintings when the news broke that Bank of America chief Ken Lewis will resign at the end of the year. Here, a few stills from our footage of Raymond’s portrait of Lewis – and some of the comments folks left behind.

Geoffrey Raymond's 'The Annotated Lewis' Geoffrey Raymond's 'The Annotated Lewis'

Here, Paul and artist Geoffrey Raymond inspect the Lewis portrait.
Geoffrey Raymond and Paul Solman

Some of the comments left on the painting:

“I can’t believe you sold B of A out! It’s the little people who will suffer…”