The Hits Just Keep On Coming

BY Paul Solman  January 26, 2011 at 10:50 AM EDT

By “hits,” I mean Merle Hazard’s Golden Newbie Euro-crisis Euro-tunes, as well as the Internet views that they’ve been garnering.

Monday’s post: The Pain in Spain Falls Plainly from Merle’s Brain.

Yesterday’s: Erin Go Broke.

And today, the world debut of the Joe Green classic, “Capital is Mobile.”

Watch a larger version of the video here.

For all three, as well as tomorrow’s German “Ode to Joy,” credit where credit is due:

Mandolin: Frances Cunningham, one of a very few to have played the bouzouki at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. She has recorded with Nashville country and bluegrass artists and toured the world with Six Mile Bridge, a Celtic rock band.

Camera: Tom Noser and Matt Westerman

Editor: Bob Burns