Thelma and Louise Redux: Satire in Song as We Near the Fiscal Cliff

BY Paul Solman  November 30, 2012 at 10:32 AM EDT


To plagiarize a prior post of mine, this page likes to feature monetary minstrel Jon Shayne, a Nashville investment manager whose nom de croon is Merle Hazard. Merle has written and sung such classics as “H-E-D-G-E”, “In the Hamptons”, “The Greek Debt Crisis”, “Inflation or Deflation?” and “Diamond Jim”, several of them “commissioned” by this page. You can access his entire oeuvre from here.

A few months ago, Jon penned a classic-to-be, “Fiscal Cliff,” handicapped only in that it contained neither Merle himself nor any moving pictures at all. Back to the drawing board he went. Or rather, back to the drawing board went illustrator Grey Blackwell and animator Matt Emigh. We trust you’ll agree that Grey, Matt and Merle have gone the extra mile this time around.

A preview: Monday will feature a brand new post from “Ask Larry,” in which our Social Security guru Larry Kotlikoff writes about outliving your savings and what to do if divorced, but have blocked out all the specifics, such as where and when you actually got married.

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