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Sunshine, Composting Toilets and Rainwater: Recipe for a Top 10 Green Building

University of Calif., Merced

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University of Calif., Merced

University of California, Merced 2009 Long Range Development Plan; Merced, Calif.

Between San Jose and Fresno, the Merced campus is the tenth and newest of the UC system. According to the AIA site, "The plan's design standards include daylighting in 75 percent of interior spaces, operable windows for small spaces and curtain walls along primary views of the grasslands."

"The UC Merced project really is pointing in a big direction. We're going to see more optimizing at scales bigger than the building. When you start to get to a campus scale like Merced and you have buildings in effect all connected to a network of energy and water systems, they're achieving greater efficiency at a lower cost than what we do if we try to achieve those efficiencies on a building-by-building scale," architect and juror Clark Brockman said.

Total project cost at time of completion, land excluded: $6 billion.

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