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Sunshine, Composting Toilets and Rainwater: Recipe for a Top 10 Green Building

Chandler City Hall

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1315 Peachtree StreetASU Polytechnic CampusChandler City HallIowa Utilities BoardKensington High School Mercy Corps HeadquartersMusic and Science BuildingPortland's Newberg CenterBagley Classroom BuildingUniversity of Calif., Merced

Chandler City Hall

Chandler City Hall; Chandler, Ariz.

"They saved money over boom times, when everything was building like crazy in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and they were able to build that building without incurring any new public debt," an anonymous juror said in a comment on the site. "That is fundamentally a green building issue, but I think it does demonstrate to a client or owner that is focused on responsibility and value, those are core ethics of green buildings."

Total project cost at time of completion, land excluded: $47 million.

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