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Sunshine, Composting Toilets and Rainwater: Recipe for a Top 10 Green Building

Bagley Classroom Building

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Bagley Classroom Building

University of Minnesota Duluth -- Bagley Classroom Building; Duluth, Minn.

The project was a classroom on a nature reserve section of the university's campus.

Given the cold northern Minnesota climate, architect and juror Clark Brockman told us this was a very challenging project. "It's approaching or achieving net-zero energy. What was interesting to me is they have the first composting toilet in Minnesota. This is one of those subjects that people don't like to talk about, but the reality is that a composting toilet has dramatic positive impact on the community's load on the sewer system and the water treatment plant, which everyone pays for with their tax money."

Total project cost at time of completion, land excluded: $1 million.

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