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Monopoly Money Makes Artist's World Go 'Round

Graffiti vs. Wheatpaste

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Graffiti vs. Wheatpaste

Alec creates art through graffiti and by wheatpasting prints in public spaces.

Wheatpasting involves painting subjects on paper and applying the premade artwork to walls using a homemade glue that is usually water soluble. Wheatpasting is less destructive than painting directly onto surfaces in public spaces.

He explains that the medium he uses depends on what he wants to accomplish:

"If I want to place a detailed piece in a busy area, then I’ll probably use a wheatpaste, but if I’m commissioned to create a ‘legal’ mural, then I’ll probably paint freehand.

"It primarily depends on time allotted and what medium better identifies with the integrity of my work," Alec said.