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Top Five and Bottom Five Countries in U.N. Ratings

Tied #186 DR Congo and Niger

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#1 Norway#2 Australia#3 United States#4 Netherlands#5 Germany#183 Burkina Faso#184 Chad#185 MozambiqueTied #186 DR Congo and Niger

Tied #186 DR Congo and Niger

Tied for No. 186 in the U.N. Development Program's rankings, the African nations of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Niger (each with a Human Development Index of 0.304) continue to struggle with drought and conflict, but have made strides in school attendance, life expectancy and per capita income growth, according to the UNDP.

Here, a veterinarian feeds a bonobo at the "Lola ya Bonobo'" (Paradise for Bonobos) sanctuary outside the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa on March 5, 2013.