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Bargain Basements and Top Shelves: What's Driving Retail Growth?

Gucci Speedboat: $750,000

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Louis Vuitton Bandouliè: $1140Mouthwash: $2Hennessey Cognac: $200,000Paper Towels: $1Gucci Speedboat: $750,000Holiday Toys: $1-$15Chanel Diamond Bag: $261,000Mustard: $1-$1.50Hermès Watch: $36,200 Laundry Detergent: $2.75

Gucci Speedboat: $750,000

The Aquariva speedboat, made by Riva and designed by Gucci, has a price tag of three-quarters of a million dollars. While known for luxury shoes, bags and couture, the company also has a 40-year history of automobile partnerships. Darrell Hartman explains why pairing luxury houses with other industries is attractive to high-end clientele in an article for Hamptons magazine: "Own one, and you've got bragging rights in both worlds."

Millward Brown Optimor ranks the House of Gucci as the No. 3 most-powerful luxury brand, worth $7.45 billion in brand value.