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Bargain Basements and Top Shelves: What's Driving Retail Growth?

Holiday Toys: $1-$15

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Photo: Family Dollar

Louis Vuitton Bandouliè: $1140Mouthwash: $2Hennessey Cognac: $200,000Paper Towels: $1Gucci Speedboat: $750,000Holiday Toys: $1-$15Chanel Diamond Bag: $261,000Mustard: $1-$1.50Hermès Watch: $36,200 Laundry Detergent: $2.75

Holiday Toys: $1-$15

Seasonal items, like the children's holiday toys displayed here under two miniature Christmas trees, are major drivers in dollar stores' income growth.

"Most of what we carry is $10 or less, and 30 percent is $1 or under," said Josh Braverman, communications director for Family Dollar.

While the items in the photo are all $15 or less, he added the company will carry various items with higher price tags, sometimes in the $30 to $50 range. "If customers would end up spending more [on the same item] elsewhere, then we'll carry it here at a value."