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Bargain Basements and Top Shelves: What's Driving Retail Growth?

Mustard: $1-$1.50

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Photo: Family Dollar

Louis Vuitton Bandouliè: $1140Mouthwash: $2Hennessey Cognac: $200,000Paper Towels: $1Gucci Speedboat: $750,000Holiday Toys: $1-$15Chanel Diamond Bag: $261,000Mustard: $1-$1.50Hermès Watch: $36,200 Laundry Detergent: $2.75

Mustard: $1-$1.50

Food item sales, such the mustard varieties shown here, are selling well and account for another category of growth for dollar stores, according to Shelley Davis, a spokesperson for Dollar Store.

"[Dollar stores] are definitely focusing a lot more on needs, so your food items, your health and beauty care items, your household cleaning products, and less on wants. They're catering to what the customer is buying," stock analyst Anthony Chukumba told us.

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