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How to Live Micro: Home Life in Under 350 Square Feet

What Makes a Roommate?

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What Makes a Roommate?

The Atlantic Cities’ Emily Badger recently wrote: “A Proposal to Make the Micro Apartment a Little More Livable.” She talked with architect Chris Marciano about the drawbacks of the public space options of developments like “My Micro NY.” “When you have to go down four stories to use it, it’s not very useful," said Marciano. Plus, sharing your space with a lot of strangers doesn’t appeal to everyone. Marciano proposed a “shared loft” where only two units have a shared space. “Some of the walls around the shared space can also be reconfigured to create either one seamless outdoor space, or an expanded balcony for one unit and a private living room for the other.” But does this make you roommates or neighbors? (Micro loft designed by Chris Marciano, Ryan Matthew, Mark Munroe)