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Lost masterpieces from a supposed Nazi Trove of Art

'Melancholy Girls'

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French artist Marc Chagall'Landscape with horses'Italian painter Canaletto 'Melancholy Girls'German painter Otto Dix'Village girl with a goat''Seated woman'

'Melancholy Girls'

'Melancholy Girls' is a work by German painter Ernst Ludvig Kirchner, who created a group called 'Die Brücke or 'The Bridge.' The Bridge helped create the foundation for Expressionism, a 20th century art movement considered "degenerate" by the Nazi regime.
Hidden for decades, a fraction of the arts works uncovered by German authorities last year, were projected on a large screen at a press conference in Augsburg on Nov. 5. Some 1,400 pieces were discovered in the apartment of the son of Nazi art collection Hildebrand Gurlitt, but only a few of them were seen on Tuesday.