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Beyond Banksy: Two street art experts take you on a world tour


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Axel VoidBanksy in QueensBanksy Better Out than InBy BastBy France's C215Tribute to Martha Cooper By El Sol 25By FaileBy HellbentBy How and NosmBy Iranians Icy and SotBy InvaderBy Judith SupineBy MOMOBy RamboBy ROABy Shepard FaireyBy Swoon


Urban naturalist ROA has covered walls around the world in the last three or four years with large scale depictions of unsung animal families native to whatever region or town he is in. All sprayed by hand and primarily in a monochrome palette, ROAs creatures are sometimes cuddly but often plainly realistic or dead, decaying, and baring their bones.

images© Jaime Rojo; text © Steven P. Harrington from