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Beyond Banksy: Two street art experts take you on a world tour

By Shepard Fairey

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Axel VoidBanksy in QueensBanksy Better Out than InBy BastBy France's C215Tribute to Martha Cooper By El Sol 25By FaileBy HellbentBy How and NosmBy Iranians Icy and SotBy InvaderBy Judith SupineBy MOMOBy RamboBy ROABy Shepard FaireyBy Swoon

By Shepard Fairey

A household Street Art name comparable worldwide to the British Banksy, the American Shepard Fairey set the stage for designers to bring art to the streets using modern methods of duplication, marketing, and subverting the system. With themes that address social, political, and environmental ills, Fairey has inspired others to take their message to the streets.

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