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Beyond Banksy: Two street art experts take you on a world tour

By Swoon

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Axel VoidBanksy in QueensBanksy Better Out than InBy BastBy France's C215Tribute to Martha Cooper By El Sol 25By FaileBy HellbentBy How and NosmBy Iranians Icy and SotBy InvaderBy Judith SupineBy MOMOBy RamboBy ROABy Shepard FaireyBy Swoon

By Swoon

One of the few women on the scene initially, a new crop of females have followed Swoon to the street in the last few years. Her hand-cut paper portraits made her name, as well the worlds she built within them. An early example of labor -intensive story telling, Swoon continues to expand her sweep with every growing projects involving music, performance, sculpture, architecture and even sea-worthy vessels.

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