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Beyond Banksy: Two street art experts take you on a world tour

By Faile

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Axel VoidBanksy in QueensBanksy Better Out than InBy BastBy France's C215Tribute to Martha Cooper By El Sol 25By FaileBy HellbentBy How and NosmBy Iranians Icy and SotBy InvaderBy Judith SupineBy MOMOBy RamboBy ROABy Shepard FaireyBy Swoon

By Faile

1986 was a formative year as kids for the two Patricks who comprise Brooklyn street art collective Faile, and their recurring vocabulary of symbols, pop imagery, and text often reference it. One of their favorite mid-2000s images was this one of the space shuttle Challenger, which blew up in ’86 and points downward here on a New York wall.

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