Economic Comedian Compares China-U.S. Relations to Teen…Romance


Getting back to his roots, Standup Economist Yoram Bauman begins his latest dispatch from Beijing by testing just how far you can apply the First Amendment in modern-day China. He’s humored audiences twice in China thus far: one, an English-speaking, Western audience; the other, strictly Chinese. This vlog is part one — the Western audience. Yoram takes some liberties in a bookstore supposed to be a ‘free speech zone.’ Indeed, he pushes the envelope.

Making Sense

While the main act may sound familiar to followers of Yoram’s updates, he makes some broader points about the global economy to try out newer material.

The Westerners seemed amused, if muted, not sure perhaps how hard to laugh aloud. As for how the Chinese audience reacted — stay tuned for part two.

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