D.C. local paper changes name during the shutdown


In Washington, D.C., the shutdown has led restaurants and bars to extend their happy hours and stores to offer discounts on goods. And now, it has prompted the Washington City Paper to change its name…temporarily.
The D.C. local paper’s editor, Mike Madden, said managing editor Jon Fischer came up with the idea to temporarily change the name to Washington Shutdown Paper when the government was on the brink of a shutdown last Monday. Madden bought the domain name, washingtonshutdownpaper.com, as a redirect to their site. And a logo was created.

“We figured the shutdown would obviously be big enough news here in D.C. that we ought to take formal note of it with the logo and URL,” Madden said.

Washington City, or Shutdown, Paper reports on what’s happening inside the community of Washington, D.C. not just the politics inside the Beltway. Those reports include “how the shutdown is affecting daily life in the District.” Mayor Vincent Gray says D.C. is impacted more than anywhere else in the country.

The paper will eventually change its name back to its original, but it’s anyone’s guess when that might be.

“We’ll keep it up until the shutdown ends, and hopefully we won’t need to revive it any time soon.”

H/T Colleen Shalby