EBay asks customers to change passwords after cyberattack


Photo courtesy of The Henry Ford

Photo courtesy of The Henry Ford

Auction site eBay urged all of its users to reset their passwords Wednesday after hackers attacked a database that contained encrypted passwords and other data belonging to more than 233 million customers.

Although no financial information was compromised, the security breach involved a database that also held other personal information such as a client’s physical address, email address, phone number and date of birth. The cyberattack, which was first detected two weeks ago, occurred between late February and early March, eBay said in a statement Wednesday.

This online attack adds eBay to a list of victims of recent cyberattacks on major U.S. businesses. Target’s credit card breach last year affected more than 110 million customers and the “Heartbleed” bug alarmed major tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.