Gen. Sharp: U.S., Allies Could Neutralize N. Korean Missile


If Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ prediction this week is correct, and North Korea is developing a missile — nuclear or otherwise — that can hit the United States, U.S. and allied forces are prepared to neutralize it, Gen. Walter “Skip” Sharp, commander of U.S. forces in Korea said Thursday.

“It’s all part of the capability that North Korea has and … what we have to be prepared to do is to be able to, No. 1, deter, but if deterrence doesn’t work, be prepared to respond. And that includes the capability that if our national level decides … to be able to not allow North Korea to shoot a Taepodong missile, or an intercontinental ballistic missile,” he said.

Despite North Korea’s current let’s-talk charm offensive, Sharp says he sees “no” evidence that they’re sincere about putting the brakes on their nuclear program.

Video edited by Larisa Epatko.

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