Eyewitness captures Polaroid of moment JFK was shot


“I saw a man killed right in front of my eyes.”

Nearly 50 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we hear from Mary Ann Moorman, an eyewitness to the infamous scene at Dealey Plaza, who shared her story with documentary filmmaker Alan Govenar. Govenar’s film is currently on display at an exhibit at the International Center of Photography in New York City.

The exhibit showcases dozens of photographs, many taken by ordinary people who — like Moorman — were witness to extraordinary moments of the assassination and its aftermath.

HTML tutorial Unidentified Photographer, ca. 1963. International Center of Photography, Museum Purchase, 2013. View more photographs from the exhibit.

Brian Wallis, chief curator, pored over thousands of photographs for the exhibit.

“One of the things that struck me and has always struck me about the Kennedy assassination was that it was like a national wound that everyone felt and carried with them through their life,” he said.

“To me, photography was a way to manage that grief and that trauma — a way to try to get a handle on what really happened.”

Credits: Video by Elisabeth Ponsot/PBS NewsHour | Footage provided by Alan Govenar; Stills by International Center of Photography and Zapruder Film © 1967 (Renewed 1995) The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza