Map: Flu Rampant Throughout U.S.


Click on the Centers for Disease Control’s latest map to see how badly the flu is striking your state.

It’s been a been a banner year for the influenza virus. Reports of widespread infection are now coming from more than 40 states; 2,200 people have been hospitalized; 18 children have died.

The blow has landed especially hard in several cities. In Boston today, Mayor Thomas Menino declared a public health emergency. And in the Chicago area, more than a dozen hospitals have been so overwhelmed that they’ve had to turn patients away.

On Wednesday evening’s PBS NewsHour broadcast, Gwen Ifill discussed this year’s outbreak with two people following it closely: Dr. Julie Morita, medical director for Chicago’s health department, and Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbuilt University. Watch the full discussion below: