Remembering Gulf War Commander Norman Schwarzkopf

BY News Desk  December 28, 2012 at 2:04 PM EDT

Photo by Acey Harper//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images.

The late Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf was best known for leading international forces in Iraq in 1991 against Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. As commander of Operation Desert Storm, he oversaw the heavy build-up of American soldiers in Saudi Arabia, in what the U.S. military claimed was a defensive measure to stop Iraqi troops from attempting to attack Saudi Arabia.

The NewsHour interviewed Gen. Schwarzkopf in September 1990, only six weeks after Iraq invaded Kuwait.

Watch this excerpt, pulled from the NewsHour archives, in which former NewsHour correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault asked Schwarzkopf whether a pre-emptive strike against Iraq would be considered a possible course of action for the U.S. Army.

Would the U.S. Take an Offensive Position Against Iraq? Recorded for NewsHour Sept. 28, 1990.

Retired Gen. Schwarzkopf died of complications of pneumonia Thursday. He was 78.