German supermarkets got a surprise shipment of cocaine with their bananas


Flickr user thebarrowboy
Five supermarkets in Germany found themselves with large hauls of Cocaine packed within delivered banana crates. Photo by Flickr user thebarrowboy

Supermarkets in Germany found themselves with some new, and unexpected, produce on Monday: Cocaine.

Workers found the drug across five stores around Berlin, packed across seven crates of bananas. The crates, received from the fruit wholesaler, were later seized by German police who believe that contraband got sent to the stores due to a “logistical error” by smugglers.

The seven crates, which were part of a shipment of 1,134 crates total to the port of Hamburg, Germany from Colombia, held a total of 309 pounds of cocaine — an estimated street value of $8.2 million. According to Reuters, this marks the largest discovery of the drug in the German capital in 15 years.