Graphic warnings on cigarette pack not enough to deter UK teens


A survey by the British Heart Foundation shows half the teenagers in Australia are deterred from smoking by the standardized cigarette labels, compared to only one third of UK teens deterred by non-standardized labels.

Australia is the first country to adopt standardized cigarette packs. Free from logos and design, these packs feature a prominent warning labels in their place.

The polls of 2,500 teens in UK and Australia also reveals support for standardize cigarette packs. Eight in 10 British teenagers are in favor of the practice. Six in 10 Australian teens believe standardized packaging discourages smoking, and a third of them believe they should be introduced elsewhere.

“The message from our young people is loud and clear: current health warnings aren’t up to the job and the UK Government must step up to the mark and introduce standardised packs,” said Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation, in a press statement.

H/T Cindy Huang