Haiti, a Year After the Quake


It’s been nearly a year since a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti. The aftermath left the capital of Port-au-Prince shattered, thousands living in tent camps and aid organizations scrambling to assist Haitians already burdened with poverty, now burdened with a city in ruins.

In a new reporting collaboration, the NewsHour, USA Today and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting are exploring life in Haiti a year after the disaster. The first story will look at the problems facing Haitians living next door in the Dominican Republic. Could they become a stateless people?

The NewsHour is sending a team to Haiti in coming weeks to report on reconstruction efforts, continuing risks of health epidemics and the work of some Haitians to create poetry from their plight.

You can find all of the NewsHour’s reporting on the earthquake aftermath here, including Ray Suarez’s reports from Port-au-Prince six months later.

Plus, we want to hear from you: what aspect of the Haiti story would you like to see updated as we approach the one-year mark? Leave a comment here or tweet us @NewsHour with the hashtag #HaitiNow.