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HIGH RISK Of WATERBORNE DISEASES IN PAKISTAN | More rain continues to pour down in Pakistan as the country deals with one of the worst natural disasters in recent memory. With a shortage of immediate aid, some worry that victims are at high risk of waterborne diseases, such as cholera, in the hardest-hit areas. Special correspondent Saima Mohsin reports from Pakistan then Jeffrey Brown talks to Michael Young of the International Rescue Committee about the risks facing flood victims.

DEBATE ESCALATES OVER MOSQUE NEAR GROUND ZERO | President Obama’s remarks supporting the building a controversial mosque near Ground Zero in New York drew rebuke from Republicans. Gwen Ifill speaks with with New York gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio and Teaneck, N.J., Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin on the different points of views.

AFGHAN PRESIDENT MOVES TO BAN PRIVATE CONTRACTORS | Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants all private security companies to end operations in Afghanistan within four months, according to his spokesman. Karzai said Afghan government forces should be doing the jobs now given to contractors. Judy Woodruff speaks with two analysts, Matthew Rosenberg and Doug Brooks about the role of private security contractors in Afghanistan.

WAYS TO CONNECT WITHOUT THE DIGITAL WORLD | In this day and age, a vast majority of communication is done by e-mail, text messages, Twitter and many other forms of digital communication. William Powers, author of “Hamlet’s Blackberry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age,” explains how disconnecting from our screens may help us reconnect with our lives.

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