If @NewsHour had earned stock in Twitter IPO, we’d be $353K richer


Twitter’s first day of trading on Wall Street was hailed a success, closing on Thursday at $44.90 a share. So naturally, people are wondering how much they have contributed to Twitter’s success.

What if, instead of traders on Wall Street, the active and devout users had been rewarded with stock in the company when Twitter went public? Just how much would you have earned for your tweeting?
Time magazine did the math, and this is how they determined how much Twitter owes each of its users for writing free content in 140 characters or less.

Based on Time’s calculations, here are some of PBS NewsHour’s top performers:

@NewsHour = $353,586

@NewsHourArtBeat = $13,047

@gwenifill = $10,247

@cbellantoni = $6,492

@milesobrien = $3,396

@hari = $1,172

How much does Twitter owe you?

H/T Aileen Graef and Ellen Rolfes