Immigration to take center stage once the debt crisis is resolved

BY newsdesk  October 16, 2013 at 4:30 PM EDT

Raul Pop holds a sign reading ’11 million need a reform now!’ as he and others participate in a rally calling on President Barack Obama to immediately suspend deportations and for Congress to pass an immigration reform that’s inclusive of all 11 million undocumented people in the U.S. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After putting immigration reform on the backburner, President Barack Obama said, in an interview with Univision on Tuesday, that he would push the domestic issue once the fiscal crisis is resolved.

The Senate passed an immigration reform bill in June, but House Republicans remained unsure about the bill creating a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented residents.

Obama blamed House Speaker John Boehner for preventing a House vote on immigration reform.

“We had a very strong Democratic and Republican vote in the Senate,” Obama said to Univision. “The only thing right now that’s holding it back is, again, Speaker Boehner not willing to call the bill on the floor of the House of Representatives.”

National Journal reports that the president’s also approaching a milestone that could put him at odds with Latinos:

“Obama is on track to deport 3 million immigrants without papers by the end of his second term, more than any other president. George W. Bush deported about 2 million over two terms. Obama will likely hit that mark this month. Bill Clinton didn’t even get to 1 million. The average daily count of immigrants in detention now is about 33,000. In 2001, it was 19,000. In 1994, it was 5,000, according to the Detention Watch Network. Almost all of the detainees and deportees are Latino.”

–Fawn Johnson